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Folk crafts Karakuri doll『Kinta of a ghost』

  • When Kiyomasa Kato is Kumamoto Castle architecture There was a person who called as asigaru kinta o fa ghosut in higo clan. It was a popular person in the castle called "Kinta of the god" since it makes laughter for craftsmen and surrounding people with funny comedy with jokes.
  • At kaei period in edo era , doll maker Nishijinya Hikoshiti (our 5th generation) made this doll from this legend and gained popularity.A crimson face,A spinning ball that goes round the tongue surprises the person who draws the string, so without concession гghost of ghosts」.

    In Kumamoto it is said to be familiar with being called гthe eyes cutting out doll」. Atsuga doll s tore 10th generation Shinpatiro Atuga 〒860-0072 21-14 5-chome hanazono Nishiku Kumamoto city   Note: quoted from product description

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Folk crafts Flower Box

As a local toy in Hitoyoshi,Pheasant horse, buddies and flower boxes,Pheasant horse horses for boys, girls with battledore, flower handcrafts, brought attachment for many years,The folk handicraft flower hand box As a girl's treasure holder, it is a fancy accessory with treated flowers of Moutain camellia. Heike's fallen people have no wish to comfort the glorious dreams in the past city longing for long-awaited artistic awakening horse ・ Flower・ battledore It has been conveyed to the present as being an excellent artwork that is made use of by hand boxes and battles etc. and also patronized by modern people.     

Folk art handicrafts

  • kinta of the ghost
  • battledore

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