kinta of ghost
white birch tree large kokesi
flower box
green moon kokeshi large kokeshi
lullaby Kokeshi of itsuki kokesshi
creative Kokeshi
pheasant horse
pheasant horse toothpick stand kokesi
maiden heart kokeshi
goodwill kokeshi
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Folk art pieces Toyomizu


  • Karen kokeshi
  • Creative kokeshi
  • Kokeshi with picture umblera
  • Minatuki kokeshi
  • Otome gokoro kokeshi
  • suigetu kokeshi small      
  • Birch kokeshi large
  • Istuki no komoriuta kokeshi 
  • Suigetu kokeshi large

Ukiyoe Tea bowl

  •  Ukiyoe Tea bowl 
  •  Ukiyoe Tea bowl2 
  •  Sharaku      
  •  Japanese clothes beauty

Pottery Product

  • An umbrella pottery
  • Maiden
  • Hakata dolls Smou wrestler
  • toad
  • Tiger made of paper
  • Hakata doll lullaby Kokeshi of itsuki
  • Kumamoto castle teethpick stand
  • Higo camellia mug1
  • Higo camellia mug2

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  • Dragon
  • Ukiyoe Oiran dochuh   
  • Sakura Kinkakuji   
  • Always together    
  • Ukiyoe Goodwill Red Fuji Width 80 cm × Length 90 cm    
  • Ukiyoe Goodwill Kanagawa offshore area white wave width 80 cm × height 90 cm  
  • Owl with picture
  • Creative reputation gogurium dragon    
  • Wisdom of the forest   
  • Ukiyoe Reputation Red Fuji
  • Ukiyoe Reputation A strip and a woman   
  • Japanese style Reputation Bundle Rabbit   
  • Ukiyoe reputation Karauta 
  • Ukiyoe reputation Sharaku
  • Otemoyan navy blue 
  • Otemoyan white
  • Owl white
  • Dragon fly
  • Watermark reputation dandelion   
  • Ukiyoe Goodwill Kanagawa Oki Shiranami 

Japanese clothing

  • Japanese style clothes toys
  • Floral
  • Maple
  • Lily
  • Goldfish
  • Dandelion
  • longevity
  • Father's word
  • Wipe gauze
  • Japanese gauze handwash
  • small_wrapping_cloth_kimono_and_four_seasons_(red)
  • sumida_river_chie_koshu_hanzawa_koshu_ishi_hanzawa

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Tea Bowl

  • sakurako rock
  • sakurako tumbler
  • Otemoyan
  • Grandmother
  • Mother
  • Kumamoto Castle

Yuzen Coin Purse

  • Yuzen Coin Purse1
  •  Yuzen Coin Purse2
  •  Yuzen Coin Purse3
  •  Yuzen Coin Purse4
  • Purse fujin raijin

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Folk ArtHigo Top

  • Mountains of firem there are many local toys in Higo's Kumamoto typified by Aso, since ancient times ,However (Higo Top) is said to have been passed over quality before the Heian period before China.
  • The characteristic of Higo Top, coupled with the brilliant nature of its color, the excellence of its shape, inspiration, and structure can be said to be a masterpiece of Japan's Top performance.
  • Also, it is considered to be a lucky toy from the ancient times, everyone has a memory that
  • they played around the New Year as they sing in child songs when they are very young
  • There were many people who dreamed of the future of my child in the form of a solo exhibition that is rich in energy after all.

    From Yamato craft art explanatory text  

    • Higo top 3
    • Higo Top
    • Higo Top2
    • Successful career higo top
    • Hook and turn higo top
    • Higo Top
    • Higo Top
    • Higo Top
    • Higo Top
    • Higo Top
    • Higo Top
    • Successful career of Higo Top

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Japanese Paper Products

  • Tiger of Hariko
  • Crow's Tengu Face
  • Ebisu's face
  • Daruma
  • Fox faces
  • Teng Face
  • Owl Made of paper
  • White Daruma small
  • yoneda_tear_owl
  • get_up_and_get_cat

Lucky Goods

Lucky objects are things to attract auspicious lions, mainly lucky cats, owls, frogs and the like.

Lucky Cat in Japan

  • Pottery cat
  • Pottery cat 2
  • Pottery cat 3
  • Potterycat 4
  • Inviting lucky cat ashtray
  • Two-handed inviting lucky cat
  • Invitation lucky cat white
  • Lucky cat yellow
  • Cat container for pouring ake
  • A million customers inviting cat with potte
  • Smile cat


  • mix freen tea item
  • matcha spoon with bamboo
  • pottry macha cup cherry blossoms
  • pottery matcha cup black crystal
  • pottey matcha cup large

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Parent and Frog

  • Porcelain lucky frog 2
  • Porcelain lucky frog
  • parent and frogs
  • toad
  • Frog Ashtray Pink

Lucky Owl

  • Lucky Owl3
  • Lucky Owl Large Blue
  • Lucky Owl
  • Lucky Owls
  • Lucky Owl2
  • Lucky Owl metal
  • couples owl
  • invitation owl
  • pottery landscapeowl
  • Music owl figurine 4 kinds set

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Raccoon dog

  • Hikoichi top small
  • Raccoon decoration
  • Raccoon decoration
  • Racoondog made of lyrical and porcelain pottery 4
  • Racoondog made of lyrical andporcelain_pottery 3        
  • Racoondogi made of lyrical and_porcelain pottery2

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Japanese Doll

  • Japanese Doll
  • Japanese Doll2
  • Benkei Doll
  • A doll with a checkered pattern
  • Traditional Japanese Doll2
  • Benkei Doll

Lunch Box named Watsuppa

  • Lunch Box named Watsuppa
  • Partition Inside A Cot Watsuppa


  • Bomboniere Arabesque Pattern Black
  • Bomboniere Arabesque Pattern Red

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Half Moon Shopping Bag

  • Half Moon Shopping Bag
  • Folding umbrella



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