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white birch tree large kokeshi
flower box
green moon kokeshi large  kokeshi
lullaby Kokeshi of itsuki kokeshi
creative Kokeshi
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Folk art pieces Toyomizu

Traditional crafts Miyahara craftworks pheasant horse

  • History of folk handicrafts pheasant, flower handcraft, a long time ago seeking residence in the mountains partly in the roofs of Kyushu and other houses, etc. In addition, partly in the back of Hitoyoshi, wooden houses.It is said that Otsuka and others decided to stay.
  • Phesant horse 30.5cm
  • Pheasant horse length 45 cm
  • traditional folk art miyahara crafts phesant 45cm      
  • Kumachan Wall Hanging & Pot Shiki
  • Pheasant horse key ring
  • Pairing Quail
  • Oak three-step oak small box 30cm × 20cm 30cm×20cm
  • Kumamon Wall Hanging & Pot Spread

New folk craft in old leather bag

  • 「Top of raccoon」

    There is plenty of small stories about intelligence person who is Hikoichi borned in kyushu, when pull the wool over eyes racoon also met Hikoichi, no hands nor legs went out and finally became a follower of Hikoichi and obediently said---It is a work of this famous story. It is widely loved as an auspicious toy with cartoonist rich folk crafts created as a magician of house family's humor, disease elimination, theft removal.| racoon frame become four pieces - - head, cylinder, shade, stand and tail can be separated separately.

    「top of racoon hikoichi 」whichi Honor Empress His Majesty the First Crown Prince and Princess Takamatsu Tadamatsunomiya Honored under Mr. Palace of Mikasanomiya under the honor of purchasing and receiving the highest governor award at the prefecture- sponsored local exhibition (1932 years).

    One of hiKoichi who is intelligence racoon was short stories, In the morning with Hikoichi, he went to the field patrols and are thrown stone rollers in his field. Hikoichi look at this「This is a blessing. Fertilizer may be applied for three years, stone fertilizer three years. Horse dung is said to be shitty, and the fields are able to go. I am glad that it was not horse dung.」 He repeatedly deliberately repeatedly deliberately returned home.When he went to the field the next morning,all the stones has picked up , and instead applied one pie of horse dung. "It is probably the work of a raccoon dog, it did a troublesome thing," said Hikoichi, "If he got a troubled, troubled stone roll, you had replaced it with horse dung. He said that he deliberately felt troubled and returned.

    Design registration No. 278229

     Hikoichi top Representative Masahiko Iseri  〒869-4602 955-1 miyahara hikawa town Yatsushiro-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture TEL0965-62-2506 

    Shop URL:

    Note: quoted from product description

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folk Craft

  • suigetu kokeshi(kumamoto castle,suizenji park)version kokeshi
  • white birch wood kokoshi large
  • Kokeshi with a picture on the shade kokeshi 
  • top of hikoichi kokeshi

Usaburo Kokeshi

Difference between creation Kokeshi and traditional Kokeshi
Traditional Kokeshi has a round head with a cylindrical torso shape.
Some of them are made in the Tohoku region.
Some of the creations are round or round.
There are many cases where the torso and the head are separated, and some where the head and the torso are together.
A typical thing is thatUsaburo Kokeshiapplies to it.
There are also those that have won the Prime Minister's Award, the Minister of International Trade, and the Economic and Industrial Award for each of the Kokeshi.
When it comes to retro Kokeshi, the author's blinds are higher and prices are higher.
For example, the Suigai Kakushi made by Suigai Sato applies to that.
  • Usaburo kokeshi Prime Minister's Award-winning writer Shoei Fujikawa Kokeshi Oborotsuki
  • Usaburo kokeshi Prime Minister's Award-winning writer, Sekiguchi Toa Kokeshi Late autumn
  • Welcome
  • Princess Daruma
  • Usaburo kokeshi Happy green
  • Usaburo kokeshi Happy pink
  • Usaburo kokeshi Dandelion
  • Yuichi Miyakawa Creation Kokeshi Maple (red)
  • Usaburo kokeshi Snow spirit
  • Kyoto Japanese Paper Octopus Box
  • Kyoto Washi 2-stage box
  • Usaburo kokeshi Shizuka
  • Usaburo kokeshi Eggs Usaburo Kokeshi Mini
  • Usaburo kokeshi Flower path 
  • Kokeshi costume Cheerful pink   
  • Costume Osumashi Kokeshi yellow
  • Usaburo kokeshi Prime Minister's Award-winning writer Shoei Fujikawa Kokeshi Irodori
  • 卯三郎こけし 風花
  • Usaburo kokeshi Umemai
  • Usaburo kokeshi Prime Minister's Award-winning writer Shoei Fujikawa Kokeshi sprout
  • Usaburo kokeshi Hoshun
  • Usaburo kokeshi Wildflowers
  • Usaburo kokeshi Making Toshio a day of autumn
Kyoto Kimura Ohushido Co. Ltd.

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Japanese wrapping cloth

  • Tokyo Olympics Isa design
  • Off the back of Kanagawa
  • Misa Asayama Cotton Furoshiki97×97
  • kanbara in Japan
  • Wind and thunder god
  • white wave hokusai
  • red fuji Hokusai
  • Japanese brdge Hirosige
  • Sharaku
  • Crepewr apping cloth Nagon Sisho 45cm×45cm
  • Crepewr apping cloth Nagon Sisho 67cm×67cm
  • Reputation fifty years
  • Famous for Hakata, live in Hakata, spread Hakata's specialties and make it self-living ----- Goodwill 50 years, Hakoden・ Toru Shisawa is living worth.
  • Around 187 years ago in the Edo period, the Kabuki actor, who was a beautiful figure in Edo, was a Kabuki actor admired by a woman, because he had a cobblestone skirt pattern on the stage, called a checkered pattern A word was born        
  • It is tough for dolls.
  • Even if it comes to the hands of the same doll maker,the natural doll maker himself selects severely.
  • It was born from a close connection with Shinichi Kojima Yoichi Shimosawa as a father of Hakata dolls ancestor.
  • "Hakata dolls made by masterpieces" is a combination of those who aim for "master" and "name quotient"An intense competition that scatters the sparks between the producer and the seller was born, and the rural traditional crafts from the regional souvenirsIt became the development of seat establishment.
  • It was a severe road.
  • Forty years of trial ---- The glory of the Hakata doll is the glory of "Hakusan" at the same time.  
  • Hakata's stylish, lively and breathing Hakata flower road ・ Xintencho --- Here is the head office of "Hakusen" there is a Mingu shop at Hakata station in the city of traveling town.
  • A splendid doll lined up in a sophisticated shop deprives the passengers of their way. 
  • What is here is the genuineness of Hakata Emotion.
  • Ei Nosuke Obiya 's memo
  • * Quoted from explanation

    The Forest of Humanity Shinjyo Culture at Hitoyoshi

    Just before this, a customer from Nagoya was visited at our store around the beginning of April, 201, what kind of folk crafts do I have? I have been asked and answered. After that, a person who happens to reverse the heavens and the earth like Oda Nobunaga's reformer on the web --- This is only a historical thing, but that Oda Nobunaga When I was searching, I knew that there were about 50,000 old bastions in Japan, Coincidentally, I found out that there was a building named Shinshiro in Hitoyoshi in Kumamoto Prefecture in the same town. For that reason, I tried to go to Shinshiro, but I heard that the castle itself was built by Mr. Fujita himself. When I opened the gate, I heard that it was only at the Hina Festival, but there are also museums, glass museums, folk art museums, etc. The answer was given to the women who had been accepted and the admission fee was 500 yen. I made a payment and saw each house. As soon as I opened the sliding door, I was stunned to say that this was a folk art and an art. So, in order to bring out the fact that there are many other places in Japan, we also have permission to take pictures, and we will show them to everyone on our web page. Lastly, there is a value that is worth more than the entrance fee of 500 yen.

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  • 〒8620956 7-9 suizenji park cchuohku kumamoto city kumamoto prefecture in japan

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  • TEL:096-381-7414
  • FAX:096-284-3302

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Jyuguritto at Hitoyoshi

  • What is the meaning of Jyuguritto
hitoyoshi industrial transportation bus
  • Lost in the Southwest War
  • Hitoyoshi clan
  • Samurai
  • When Mr. Masanori Itie traveled to the US, and after he opened as a dentist in Hitoyoshi city
  • hen he Talked to the patient
  • during medical treatment
  • Because he was talking a lot about going around
  • Hey Dr. Jyuguritto
  • he used to be called tha name.
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    Origin of the name of the furoshiki

    • There was no bath from the time of the Heian period, and now there was something like a sauna.
    • There is a meaning of wrapping cloth from the rug used to sit in the steam bath.
    • We will also hear the word "crispy wrapping cloth"、    
    • Chirimen is mainly the Tango region of Kyoto prefecture    
    • Tango crepe,    
    • Also,there are beach crepe etc. of Nagahama city of Shiga prefecture, etc.,    
    • Today, in the Tango district of Kyoto prefecture, we are using raw silk from silk    
    • It changed into cotton and chemical synthetic fiber    
    • There is Tango crepe.

    Folk Crafts Flower Box

    we treated flowers of mountain camellia.It is a fashionable glove compartmentEven as a girl's treasure,we are enjoyment.

    • Flower Hand Box Hinoki
    • covered sign with_ overed roof      
    • covered sign with covered roof2
    • flower box

      pheasant horse

    Folk crafts world Heritage A thousand years Yaku cedar talisman General surface Jyohun Tnani could

    Miyazaki Prefecture Traditional Crafts Takachiho Hagura Side

    Modern lacquer ware Kokdhi (Japanese modern doll)

    • Here we have created a new category of art work by using traditional methods and named "Modern Laquer were Kokeshi"
    • I would very much like you to enjoy the invariable luster, color tone and the patterns which are drawn by using Makie technique.
    • We hope that our works will be your life-time friendsas one of your room accessaries.
    • Ryuzan Kokeshi Atelier Ryuzan Momoyama
    • Momoyama Ryuzan height24cm width8cm
    • Congratulation Kaigen Reiwa Red Snapper

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