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Serious Japanese sword Aizu Kanesada


The age is at the end of the Tokugawa period, 61m long warpage 1.2cm.

SwordsmitI have been sharpening 1.5 years ago by requesting person who lives in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture, and I also have a registration card, preparation, green sheath etc.  It is a sword that has been handed down from generation to generation, but we have a registration card, a sword, a green sheath, etc. that we wanted to give it to those who are cherished this time before 150~160 years ago

Traditional Art

  • It is an ancient tradition of Japanese tradition which is particularly rich in artistic character, and it excelled especially in the framework called Art Craft .
  • ancient tradition of Japanese tradition

Name of each japanese sword

  • If you know about this for the first time, it is easy to explain the sword. Actually I do not know anything further.
  • I'm really sorry for everyone. Actually, it is as follows.
  • For me, I meant to put text in the image, but since there was no character, I will express it by words.  
  • From the left end of the upper row to the stem buttocks, stems, eye nail holes and cutting edge, the building tower, ridge, warpage, sliding ground, three heads, small sparse, bulk, cut   
  • From the right end of the lower row it will be a tip, a smell mouth, a blade, a blade crest, a flatland, a blade section (Hachimachi). 
  • From the left end, the bun is more likely to be a head, an eye, an eye nail hole, a face, a collar, a face, a flower, a chestnut type, a child buttocks.     name of each sword
    • I think that you can understand the beauty of a sword by looking at the flat between blade and furrow.

    How to purchase a japanese sword

    • Everyone tends to think that there is someone who thinks that permission is required when buying swords. However, there are people who are interested in swords themselves so far as to mention swords female girls now.   
    • In modern times, some people buy away by card settlement even if they are not cash, like purchasing a car, but it is very important about the points to be described from now.  
    • Anyone can own or assign it if it is a Japanese sword with a certificate of registration, and it is attached to each sword one by one, the "possessor's license" acquired by the owner like a hunter is necessary It is because it is not.
    • As for the old swords, if you go to the old art dealer of your residence, swords with certificate of registration sell. If there is no certificate of registration, it can not be taken out from the house holding the sword,Also,
    • If you do not have a certificate of registration, you will not accept the sharpener even if you put it on for grinding. Registration card is first. If you purchase a modern sword, if the swordsmen are registered, it is not necessary.
    • If you do not register, it is good to offer to the registration agency of the prefectural board of education which is in one month or two months. In the case of re-issuance, I think that it was 2, 3 thousand yen, in the case of the first registration, 6, thousand yen.
    • Anyone can possess a sword if you register for it. Because swords are art objects. Before the Meiji Restoration, the tool to cut people, that is, the spirit of the samurai was entered,For samurai
    • the spirit of Bushido was, that is, a sword. At that time the swordsmith was a samurai having a sword that created it. However, we also have to worry about the following points, there is also a problem of storage location.   
    • It is necessary to put it in a cabinet with a lock, if someone takes a sword with attachment and it hurts others by that, it will be tough.    
    • In modern times, as I mentioned on the home page earlier, Toyotomi Hideyoshi said that it was a period of one swing, an artistic sword.
    • After that, I entered Edo Taisho, and when the samurai finished without sword, there was mama. From the Edo Shogunate to the Meiji Restoration, it became a tool to cut people. That was a war and a fight.  
    • At the time of the Pacific War, from the Imperobu warehouse, they were given swords throughout their departure, most of whom were hunted out by war, with each one having an ancestral sword at each house.
    • Some officers got military swords. Among others, as a result of the Pacific War, famous swords also came overseas. War is slaughter in law.After the slaughter is finished, with the circumstances of the old days, the sword is a translation that was regarded as an artist first.
    • Because, in order to make a sword, it belongs to the arts and craftsmanship of the swordsmith, sharpener, cheeky teacher, platinum master. That is why the thing called a sword is a work of art traditional art that I have thauoght.

      How to identify swords

    • Generally, three things are needed to identify a Japanese sword. First of all, it is steel. Value will be reduced.
    • The second is ripples.
    • Thirdly, the appearance of the Japanese sword itself will bring out the original charm of the Japanese sword, and the value will come out in a form that combines these three.
    • As an extra matter, a large number of war swords were produced before the war. If it is made, the blade of the Japanese sword does not contain straight-grained skin etc. (Originally, the fine pattern of the blade of the Japanese sword).
    • (There are exceptions, but you can put them in.)
    • Also, in order to determine the value, if the Japanese sword is the only one in the whole country and the world, the value will naturally come out.
    • The value of a Japanese sword is determined based on the above.

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      Japanese sword process

      • japanese_swordgathers stumblings and it into a high temperature in a furnace with charcoal
      • It is made of what is called steel as a raw material.
      • The process is not easy. After that, I will cross the swordsmith, and I can do Japanese swords through Handle and sheath Master
      • Furthermore, even in these processes, the trained skills and the time required will be substantial.
      • If you can watch videos on youtube or on TV, you will understand that craftsmanship.
      • Also, making a sword is not a simple thing to do. It is not an overstatement to say that each craftwork trick is included and it exceeds the frame of art.

      Higo Clan Reed North Gun Corps Kumamoto Suizenji Park

      Handle and sheath Works

      Higo Clan Reed North Gun Corps Kumamoto Suizenji Park

      Old Martial Arts Kumamoto Suizenji Gardener

      Old Martial Arts Kumamoto Suizenji Park

      Old Martial Arts Kumamoto Suizenji Gardener2

      old martial arts wood sword Suizenji Park

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